Windows 10 Warning: Anger At Microsoft Rises With Serious

Adobe Crash Reporter has been an invaluable tool for helping the Photoshop and Lightroom development team track down and fix most crashing bugs. Note: Do not confuse the Adobe Crash Reporter with either the Apple or Microsoft crash reporters, which do not send any information directly to Adobe. Crash Reports - Read - Windows 7 Help Forums Aug 30, 2015 Solved: Premiere crashes on startup - How to troubleshoot Oct 31, 2018

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The crash reporting tool used by KDE is called Dr. Konqi.The user can also get a backtrace using gdb. Mozilla Talkback. Talkback (also known as the Quality Feedback Agent) was the crash reporter used by Mozilla software up to version 1.8.1 to report crashes of its products to a centralized server for aggregation or case-by-case analysis. Talkback is proprietary software licensed to the Mozilla