On the window that opens up drop down to “RADIUS Server for 802.1x Wireless or Wired Connections” and then click “Configure NAP”: Make sure “Secure Wireless Connections” is highlighted, give it a sensible name and click “Next”:

Configuring RADIUS for Unified Access Gateway You can configure Unified Access Gateway so that users are required to use strong RADIUS two-factor authentication. You configure the RADIUS server information on the Unified Access Gateway appliance.. RADIUS support offers a wide range of third-party two-factor authentication options. How to configure SSH authentication to a FreeRADIUS server Oct 31, 2019 RADIUS Authentication - TechLibrary - Juniper Networks

Configure a RADIUS Network Policy. In the Left pane of the NPS Server Console, right-click the Network Policies option and select New.; In the Network Policy Wizard enter a Policy Name and select the Network Access Server type unspecified then press Next.; Click Add to add conditions to your policy.; From the list of conditions, select the option for Windows Groups.

Configure RADIUS Authentication with Active Directory for Configure RADIUS and Active Directory Servers. Before you configure your Firebox to use your Active Directory and RADIUS servers to authenticate your Mobile VPN with L2TP users, make sure that the settings described in this section are configured on your RADIUS and Active Directory servers. Installing Configuring Troubleshooting Windows Server 2019

Configuring RADIUS authentication. You can add existing RADIUS users to the firewall. To do this, you add a RADIUS server and set the primary authentication method. Configuring transparent authentication using STAS. Clientless SSO is in the form of Sophos Transparent Authentication Suite (STAS). You can integrate STAS in an environment with a

By default, when you configure a RADIUS server IP address or hostname of the Cisco NX-OS device, the RADIUS server is added to the default RADIUS server group. You can also add the RADIUS server to another RADIUS server group.