On the Search Programs and Files bar, type “command prompt”, then press [Enter]. Step 3: On the Command Prompt window, type “ping –t” or the IP address of the wireless router then press [Enter]. Check if you are getting replies.

Can't Ping/Traceroute to his public wan ip. MIGHT be an issue with security on the system itself. Your Windows based security may have set rules for the executables while in client mode only, so it may be blocking some of the traffic it is listening for when hosting. Can't Ping Specific Public IP Addresses. COX ISP : networking However I can ping .233. I'd venture to guess ICMP is being blocked close to your destination. *edit: to reiterate I also can't ping (but can still reach with other protocols) some of the hosts on that network from my home. I don't think this is your problem. routing - Cant ping across router? - Network Engineering

To send the router a friendly ping, follow these steps: From the Start menu, choose All Programs→Accessories→Command Prompt. A Command Prompt window opens. To discover the router’s address, type ipconfig and press Enter. The ipconfig command coughs up some information about your PC’s current

Jan 30, 2018 I can ping the router but router can't ping my pc

The router can see your local lan clients becuase he is the dns server for those clients. I'm assuming your pinging the the wokstations by name, if not and you're pinging by ip addr then the other refernec to firewalls would make more sense. Not sure why you would have WINS set up but assume that you are running a windows server on your local LAN.

From my PC. i can ping my router and the switch From my router, i can ping the switch but I can't ping my PC ( So, i used a cross cable to connect my PC to the router FE int directly. Can't ping my router anymore (R7000) - NETGEAR Communities Re: Can't ping my router anymore (R7000) use a wired PC with the NIC set to DHCP, If same pc has WIFI turn it off (disable It) Press and hold router reset until power led flashes, after it reboots your PC should have if not reboot PC Cannot Ping My Router From The Internet - TechSpot Forums Jul 12, 2018 can't ping my router - Ask OpenStack: Q&A Site for