Give connectivity of your network to your every user, there you go its internet. Medium could be anything, the no. of user and services matters. It will start from single _machine -> lan -> wan -> man-> . ->internet.

Feb 14, 2019 How to Change Public to Private Network Profile in Windows 10 Oct 24, 2019 How to Set Up Your Own Home VPN Server

How to use local Network to access Internet while

Jul 01, 2019 How to Change Network from Public to Private in Windows 10 Now go to "Network and Sharing Center" in Control PanelNetwork and Internet, you can see Network has become "Private network". Way 2: Windows Registry Editor If you are an advanced user in your Windows 10 computer, this method will be easier for you to switch the network type between public and private. how do i make my internet connection private? | Yahoo Answers

Wireless networks, otherwise known as WiFi, use radio waves so that people can connect to the Internet in all sorts of places. Learn about what you need to build a private WiFi network, in this article.

Nov 03, 2015 · Delete the wired profile (forget it) and then restart the computer. It will make a new wired profile. When it asks if you wish to be discoverable and devices to be discoverable answer yes. That should make the connection Private. Actually on a home network, public and private work about the same way.