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The 140 Best 2010s Horror Movies << Rotten Tomatoes The rumblings of a quality horror comeback felt during the 2000s morphed into a full-blown renaissance during the 2010s. Genre films not only burst through multiplex and arthouse walls, but found new delivery methods of cruelty-on-demand with the meteoric rise of streaming services, giving new …

This is a list of lists of horror films. Often there may be considerable overlap particularly between horror and other genres (including action, thriller, and science fiction films. By decade. List of horror films of the 1890s; List of horror films of the 1900s; List of horror films of the 1910s

100 Best Horror Movies - IGN.com IGN Staff. When American horror movies began to stagnate in the 1990s, Hollywood began looking at Asian cinema for new ways to scare the pants off viewers. 1998's Ringu emerged as one of the best 30 Worst Horror Movie Titles - LiveAbout Mar 19, 2019 ‎2000-2009, a list of films by Hollie Horror • Letterboxd A list of 80 films compiled on Letterboxd, including Session 9 (2001), Slither (2006), The Host (2006), Black Christmas (2006) and The Signal (2007). About this list: Favorites from 2000 - 2009, very roughly ranked and in this list, I think it's safe to say from favorite to least. Overall, from about 1997 - 2006 horror films were fairly underwhelming.